Event Business Model

How is OuiShare Fest funded?

OuiShare Fest has always aimed to be as independent as possible. Yet organizing a 3-day conference for 1500 people is a complex and costly endeavor that requires a team of 15-20 people to work for 1 year. Therefore we are regularly faced with the challenge of finding the best trade-off between independence and ability to organize this highly ambitious project. Since many members of the OuiShare community and our larger network that would like to attend the event do not all have the resources to pay for tickets at a price that would cover all costs of the event, we have attempted to find a pricing model that enables people with different financial situations to attend.

The OuiShare Fest funding model consists of:

  • Sponsorships
  • Ticket sales, with very cheap or free tickets that are subsidized by more expensive tickets
To ensure our independence from political and corporate interests as well as create an event that can self-sustain itself, it would of course be ideal to fund the event through ticket sales only.
However as described above this is not a financially viable option for a significant part of the OuiShare Fest audience and would result in a ticket prices of 500 - 600 € per person. Therefore we have chosen the tiered and subsidized pricing model, while trying to limit our dependency on sponsorships.

Ways for people with little financial resources to attend

  • apply for a reduced price Ticket for 50 € (depending on the edition, there have been between 100 and 300 tickets at this price)
  • join as a volunteer -- approx. 80 - 120 tickets
  • become a program contributor by submitting a proposal to our call -- approx. 150 - 200
In conclusion, the sponsorships and ticket prices visible on the website subsidize the other 1/3 - 1/2 of attendees.
It is also to be noted that the team undergoes large efforts to keep the costs of the event as low as possible and do as much as we can ourselves or with volunteers, while striving towards a high standard of Zero Waste Events (which can sometimes lead to higher costs in the short term). In comparison to other business events of its kind, the costs of OuiShare Fest are comparably low.
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