Partnership types

OuiShare Fest has different types of partnerships:

1. Financial Partners

Companies and organizations that support the event with financial means, or by providing resources "in-kind" (=sponsors).

2. Community/ Program Partners

Organizations, networks and communities similar to OuiShare with whom we have a relationship of mutual support and cross-promotion. Being a community partner can imply:
  • contributing to the program with speakers or a session
  • promoting the event to the members of their network through social media, blogs, newsletter, etc.
  • organizing satellite events
It is a non-financial partnership.

3. Event Partners

are the same as community partners!

4. Media Partners

Media outlets such as online and print magazines, blogs, radios, tv stations, that support the event by:
  • publishing articles pre and post-event
  • announcing the event in their calender
  • promoting the event to their readership through social media and newsletters
The detailed features of each partnership are not set in stone though, and are often adjusted based on the partner.