Internal (Community) Communications

Since OuiShare Fest is a participatory event that is heavily dependant on the active co-creation by its' community, a very important part of the area of Communications is communicating with this community. Active OuiShare members, Connectors and anyone in the network needs to know how they can get involved and, even more importantly, what to tell their local members about the event and what support their is for their attending. Connector and active members can also help you identify interesting speakers, initiatives and attendees that should be there, so the more they know about what the project needs and is looking for, the more they can help!
Clear communciation is therefore critical and needed on a regular basis, on channels such as:
  • OuiShare Loomio Groups
  • OuiShare Facebook groups: local and global groups (it's good to ask Connectors to help spread messages in their local languages here)
  • OuiShare Slack Channels
  • Members newsletter

Templates for messages on these channels