Mission & Responsibilities

The key purpose of the communications team is to relay information regarding the fest, ticket sales, speakers and other announcement to the public. This is done in waves up to, during, and even after the fest is over.

Relaying Information

The communications team works in the months leading up to the fest with the program team, using social media, the website, and email newsletters to relay information. Important information for the communications team to relay includes information regarding ticket sales, call for proposals, and which speakers will be a part of the program.
Additionally, the Communications team works with Community parters, providing them the same information for them to relay through newsletters and social media as well.

Strategy and Total Voice

The second responsibility of the Communications team is to work with other teams to devise a communications stategy to develop a narrative for the event and ensure that the communications sent out to the public are in line with the narrative strategy for the event.
This is done through:
  • creating promotional content and videos in line with the narrative to send out, for example
    • OuiShare created a short promotional video outlining the values and key ideological questions the fest was tackling
    • this video was released and shared by team members prior to the fest as a marketing tactic
    • It was also shown on the first day of the fest prior to opening the program
  • devising other ideas to promote the narrative, for example
    • OuiShare Fest 2016's theme was "After the Gold Rush"
    • To open the fest, two OuiShare team members performed a skit that fit with the "After the GoldRush" theme
    • the skit was recorded and shared by OuiShare team members after the fest to prompt people to view other content videos from the fest