Food & Beverage

This is going to be what you need as food for your event, during the OuiShare Fest, the food is free.
To organize that part, you plan different steps:
First of all, you'll have to:
  • Ask for a cost estimation with 1 to 3 providers by products
  • Compare price, philosophy, feasibility/logistic organization, historic
    -> And then, take a decision, if possible maximum 1 month before the event
Then you'll have to:
  • Manage the logistic part: delivery needs and planning, briefing, signage, containers/cutlery/dish needs
  • Explain to your team, volunteer manager and your volunteer co-leaders to adapt solution to the event needs
  • Be confident in your team :)
How to fill in the template:
  • Food global plan:
What is the global plan about food & drink for all the event. => The goal is to have an overview about what you need to plan → help for the 2 others sheets
  • Meals comparison: as you ask for different providers (more than what you need), you have to compare the different propositions (menu, price, availability, material). At the bottom, a resume for tickets, materials, foodpoint, place, volunteer needs, to prepare the lunch time and post it in the kitchen/bar.
  • Breakfast/drinks/others: when you organize that part yourself (and not order a caterer to do that), it’s the list of all the products you need to order and the quantity, with examples to calculate your needs. The number of persons in that document is an estimation of persons that will eat each kind of product. (ie: for the OSFest 2016, we hosted 1200 attendees/days in total as a reference). I adapt a little the quantity by person after the OSFest16 assessment.
  • OSFest16 assessment: a report about the reality during the OuiShare Fest 2016: distributed meals, beer sales, free prices during the Open Day...
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