OuiShare Love Party

OuiShare Love party is the party closing the OuiShare Fest with music.
Sales through Digitick
Here you can put the idea, artist and partner contacts. Also the communication canal that you're going to use or ask to be used https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qpTNWgXEMzDjar-WujHx78GAaMPPCYXU5yM76jObP-E/edit#gid=5
Use the program sheet of the trasition from the program to the party https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g5ZqfYpr1jR9JeNd833gIvU7_3_xPw_a8Q-sJGIf2XU/edit#gid=0
Depending on the place you're using you'll may have to share the bar with the bartender from the place you've rented; here you can find a template to calculate it. (You'll may have to do it during the party)
  • Submit a Sacem application
  • Prepare the visuals (flyers) according to the OuiShare Fest theme
  • Don't forget to prepare the description (place, artists, hours...) of the event to put it on facebook, the digitick event and on the OuiShare Fest website
  • Make a guest list, if needed, to let at the entrance (name + surname)
  • Plan the moment for the artist balances (the d-day, on the morning if the space is free)
  • Think about volunteer needs