Call for proposals

Since it's first edition, the OuiShare Fest program has been co-created with dozens of members of the OuiShare community. This co-creation process has been organized through a open call for proposals, enabling people to submit ideas for talks, panels, workshops and installations.
The call for proposals process allows potential speakers to submit ideas for different talks, panels and workshops they could contribute to during the fest.

The Process

Generally, we send out an electronic form to be filled out indicating what kind of contribution the potential speaker would like to make. After we receive all the feedback, we used Trello to make cards for all the potential talks, panels, workshops, pitches and other program contributions.
These trello cards become one of a few different sources for program content.
We told the call for proposals speakers that we would get back to them later on what kind of contribution they would make and if their idea was accepted.
  • Please note that this year too many call for proposals speakers were told they had been accepted as contributors, something that should be adjusted for next year
We got back to them 4 months before the event, letting them know they had been accepted as a contributor to the event. They were not always accepted in the exact form that they had proposed (ie. some speakers wanted to do panels that ended up doing workshops etc. )
We told the speakers we would get back to them two months before the fest with more specifics on their contributions
  • It is important to note that we were not as good at getting back to speakers on time as we should have been, which affected in some cases who was able to contribute. This should be fixed for next year.
Call for proposal forms & templates:
Articles explaining the call for proposals for OuiShare Fest that have been run to date: