Coordination with other areas

Speakers Management

Speakers management generally works directly under with the Program team. Once the program has been set and the speakers confirmed by the program team, the program team needs to let speakers management know who to email to establish contact and which speaker's accommodation and travel costs will be covered so that speaker's management can begin the process of finding accommodations.


Program and Communications had to communicate every step of the way. As the primary channel for news on updates to the program, it is important that the Communications team is kept updated on developments about speakers and other program news.
It is the responsibility of the Program team to ensure that the Communications team remains in the loop on important updates at every stage of the program development.


It is fairly common that event partners participate in some way in the program content. Whether it means that representatives from certain partners are given the opportunity to participate in panels or give keynotes, program works with partnerships to help provide opportunities for event partners to contribute to the important conversations OuiShare Fest encourages.

Event Production

Event production should be informed once the program has been set so they can plan around what logistical needs will arise in each different space based on the program.