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Core organization team

Joining the core organization team

Like most OuiShare projects, OuiShare Fest is a collective experiment, organized by a community of passionate individuals. After organizing the first edition of OuiShare Fest with minimal resources and mostly volunteer work, it has been the aim to be able to compensate the organization team as fairly as possible, increasing the team compensation budget each year.
However, it should be emphasized that the primary motivation for being part of the organization of this event should not be monetary, but having the opportunity to learn, experiment and build skills working in a dynamic environment.

Team Roles & Responsibilities


The Chair or two co-chairs are the main coordinators of the event and is involved in all aspects of the event from a strategic perspective, responsible for the budget and success of the project.
Often, the Co-Chair position is a rotating role which changes each year. This will help to increase the quality of OuiShare Fest from year to year while enabling the organizers to benefit from past experiences.

Team leaders

Team leaders have the responsibility for one critical part of the event organization (such as program, partners, communication or logistics) called “project area”. Small project areas can be carried out by one person alone, while large project areas can have several contributors, which are coordinated by the team leader. Additionally, team leaders can also be contributors to other areas for which additional compensation is limited to value accounting.
In specific cases, project areas can also be shared by two team leaders, who also share the team leader budget, in this case.


Contributors support team leaders in managing the workload of larger project areas by leading one specific sub-areas (such as managing social media or running the Fest blog as part of communication) or side-projects such as the OuiShare Awards.


Volunteers are an important and valued part of OuiShare Fest.
Read more about them in the next section.


Team leaders for the areas program / speakers' management, event production and partners are usually supported by one intern each 6 months before the event.
See the job descriptions in our internship offer templates: