Documentation & Communication

Live Reporting

There is a team of several people that takes care of live reporting on social media and documentation on storify.


1. Note-taking

A team of volunteers is assigned to take notes during all sessions. They receive a documentation template with a schedule, so that notes & highlights of all sessions can be captured and put into a overall documentation of all sessions.

2. Graphic recording

Since both main stages, the Circus and Studio, are captured by video recording, it is important to also capture what is produced in all other spaces during the Fest. Therefore, two teams of graphic recorder are distributed among the other 4 workshop spaces. All graphic recording is done on A4 paper and assembled into a mosaic hung from a wall during the conference. Attendees can also contribute visual recordings of specific moments, if they like.
It can also be useful to use a hashtag, for instance #visualharvest to showcase the visual snippets on social media. If you would like to do this, it needs to be coordinated with the social media team.

3. Photography

To make sure not to miss any key moments of the event and get photos of each keynote speaker, there is a team of photographers during the whole event. Usually, it is a team of 3-5 volunteers, coordinated by 1 professional photographer (to date, it has been Stefano Borghi for each OuiShare Fest).
Briefing the team
It is important to brief the photographer beforehand on all important moments during the event (for instance: live music, artistic performances, an awards ceremony etc.) as well as the key sessions that absolutely need to be photographed, so that the team can coordinate their schedule accordingly.
Since lines are often quite long during lunch and the photo team tries to use this time to upload and edit pictures, it is also advised to put a volunteer in charge of bringing the photo team their lunch.
Distribution of Photos
During and after the event, the communication team needs to coordinate with the photo team how to get the final photos (for instance through a shared dropbox folder). The team makes an effort to upload photos during the event, so that the communication team can use them for newsletters to participants and social media promotion.
After the event, it may take some time for the photo team to finalize their selection of photos. They will send out links to a large number of raw photos, which should be shared with speakers and the team to enable them to select additional photos they would like.

4. Video

All sessions on the 2 main stages are filmed by a professional video service provider to be live streamed as well as made available on our youtube channel afterwards.
It is important that the service provider is asked to cut the footage into individual videos and adds introduction slides, so that the videos can be directly uploaded onto Youtube (and don't need any additional editing).
All of these documentation elements are then aggregated into one large report on Gitbook.