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Example: Team schedule of the week

This is the team program for OuiShare Fest Paris 2016 which we trust can give you some ideas to organise your own event.
The Fest is a whole week adventure for the whole team.
Volunteers in particular have the possibility to choose how much to get involved:
  • 6 days: the whole experience from Monday evening to Sunday mid-afternoon. It is better to live the entry, the adventure and celebrate the closing. According to the additional support we have on the weekend (including Friday), we do our best to propose a lighter program on Friday or Saturday.
  • 4 first days: from Monday evening to Friday evening, joining only the community Fest and missing the closing of the experience.
  • 3 last days : dedicated to the public day Fest and missing the launch of the experience. They have a 1-day pass to the community Fest on Friday. Joining the event on Friday gives volunteers a good opportunity to enjoy the Fest and get introduced to the team and the organization plus they can start helping with the arrangements for the weekend.
In order to optimize the organization and experience, we give priority to the people who can participate to the whole week and the week-end.

The team program per day:

  • Monday: Welcoming Drink in the evening so that volunteers can meet and mingle with Core Team members.
  • Tuesday: Set-up day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (approximately) Volunteers get the instructions from team leaders and help to prepare the space.
  • Wednesday (Community Day 1): OuiShare Fest starts at Cabaret Sauvage
    • 7:00am: Breakfast for volunteers/team members, 1 hour before doors open
    • 8:00am: Doors open to attendees/speakers, 1 hour before the start of the program. Both attendees and speakers check in at their respective locations with volunteers on Welcome Team.
    • 6:30pm: program typically runs for 9 and a half hours, including a 2-hour break for lunch and 2 additional half-hour breaks
    • 7:00pm: check-out (closing of the day)
  • Thursday (Community Fest Day 2): OuiShare Fest at Cabaret Sauvage
    • 7:00am: breakfast and briefing for the team and volunteers (mandatory for the morning team)
    • 8:00am: opening of the Fest
    • 9:00am: program starts
    • 6:30pm: end of program
    • 7:00pm: check-out (closing of the day)
  • Friday (Community Fest Day 3): OuiShare Fest at Cabaret Sauvage
    • 10:30am: Team and volunteers arrive. There are individual team meetings and debriefs to discuss improvements for the previous day
    • 12:00pm: lunch is served for team members and volunteers
    • 1:00pm: opening of the Fest for partners and institutions
    • 2:00pm: program starts
    • 8:00pm: end of program
    • 8:00-9:00pm: cleaning, dismantle, OuiShare LoveParty set-up and dinner
    • 10:00pm to 5:00am (maximum :) & not mandatory but highly recommended): OuiShare LoveParty
  • Saturday: OuiShare Fest Public day at Cabaret Sauvage
    • 7:00am: breakfast and check in for the morning team
    • 7:30am: end of the set-up
    • 10:00am: opening of the fest
    • 18:00pm: closing of the day, dismantle, cleaning
    • 8:30pm: check out for the team
  • Sunday: Dismantle day at Cabaret Sauvage
    • From 9:00am to approximately 4pm: cleaning, dismantle & check out, taking down of all the major set-up.