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Food & Drinks

This team is in charge of managing the kitchen during the event and making sure meals are served - these include breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and drinks (all day).
Areas concerned:
  • Kitchen in the main room
  • Food & Drink in the main room
  • Food & Drink in exhibition / networking area (if there is one)
  • Additional food points for lunch, meaning spaces to chill out and eat in other rooms of the venue
Tasks associated with this area are:
  • Serving
  • Clearing up (picking up dishes and cups) and washing
  • Bar management (evening gatherings and parties)
Shifts will adapt to your event timetable. At OuiShare Fest Paris, this area was covered all throughout the event:
  • Day 1: 7h-19h
  • Day 2: 7h-19:00h
  • Day 3: 10:30h-20:00h
  • Day 4: 7:00h-20:30h

Team Requirements

For this area, OuiShare Fest Paris 2016 had 1 area leader and 55 volunteers.
This is how work was distributed depending on the tasks:
  • Serving food and drinks
    • During the 3 first days (conference days), always 3 people per shift of 3 hours
    • Open day, 5 people per shift of 3 hours
    • Always 4 more people for extra support at lunch time.
  • Clearing & Washing, 7 people per shift of 3 hours per day.
  • Bar management for evening meetups and parties, 2-3 people per shift.
For more details and examples of Food & Drink Team management, you can check out the volunteers dashboard.

Detail brief & guides

In order to coordinate the team and make the workflow as smooth and easy as possible, we recommend the team leader creates a separate brief for this area.
In addition to that, at OuiShare Fest Paris 2016, we created a Survival Guide for Kitchen Team Insider with tips and advice on how to deal with food & drink tasks, and reduce stress and workload. This document also aims to encourage and facilitate collaboration between volunteers.