Logistics & Handling

Area Leaders

The logistics team is in charge of:

1. Furniture and space design

Here is the process to follow to organize all the furniture needs during the event.
Start from Master list (available here):
  • List all the datas
  • Inventory made before at the venue and in our storages/ spaces
  • List your needs per area, typo and space
  • Match what you have with what you need
Then list what extras you need in order to rent, borrow or buy it (as less as you can).

2. Managing setup changes (removing furniture between sessions, etc.)

According to the program, during your event there may be changes in some of the spaces to adapt them to each session.
It's easier to make these changes with a program of the furniture needs per session before the event. Even so, speakers may and will probably make last minute changes so be ready for that.

3. Deliveries

Before the event, create a timetable of all the tasks to be performed (set up and dismantle included) and include all the deliveries on it:
This spreadsheet with the dates, hours, contact details and leaders will be useful to organize the program of the week as well as the set up and dismantle.
It is also useful to list all the contact per providers and who is in charge of them in this sheet:
Finally, you can use:
with all the license plates. You will probably need to give this one to the space regissor. Otherwise, the vehicules will not be able to enter the venue and deliver the furniture and materials you need.

4. Setup & dismantling before and after the event

Count 2 days of setup in order to be ready for the Day 1. Before the setup, make sure to brief your team about where the furniture need to be. You can also prepare some sheets to put on each area so that the rest of the team know where to put the furniture to avoid wasting time during the setup.
Before the dismantle, it is important to think about where to stock the things to keep and where to throw the things we will not need anymore.*
*Warning! Be sure to have an identity card to be able to leave things at the recycling center.

Areas concerned

Each space of the venue

Specific Roles

  • Stage Manager Main Room(s)
The Stage Manager will ensure all the setup changes on the stage are made (e.g. furniture changes for keynotes or roundtables) and the speakers are on stage on time.
  • Logistics Manager per space
The logistic manager will ensure all the setup changes on the spaces (furniture changes) are made and that the speakers are in the space on time.
There can be last minute changes to the space if required by the speaker. If possible, always ask the speakers before the event. This will allow you to have a spreadsheet listing with all the setup needs per hour and session to avoid surprises and stress.
  • Logistics manager for open spaces

Team Requirements

For this area, OuiShare Fest Paris 2016 had 2 area leaders and 2 volunteers to manage the logistics issues everywhere except in the Village.
In addition to that, there were 10 bee volunteers plus 15 butterflies. You can check this out on the volunteers dashboard.
>> See OuiShare Fest detailed Logistics Brief for some examples on how to manage this area.