Before the welcoming part during the event, there is a whole checking process regarding the attendees.
First of all, each week, it's important to fill up a spreadsheet to keep track of how many people are coming (check out this template). This will allow you to know how the sales are going on by checking the sales report on your ticket sales platform (OuiShare uses Eventbrite).
We recommend you give out some reduced tickets and invites - just be careful with this by creating a special code for this purpose.
Once at the event, the welcoming team is in charge of all attendees' check-in. This includes:
  • Check-in & Badging for different attendee types
  • Running the Welcome Desk (including providing lunch tickets)
  • Managing the Cloak Room

Where does welcoming take place?

At OuiShare Fest Paris, we had:
  • Entrance outdoor: Day 1 - morning only
  • Entrance indoor: Permantently


You will need to create shifts for your team members to cover your Welcome Desk for the whole duration of the event. At OuiShare Fest Paris 2016, it was open all the time:
Day 1: 7:15 - 19:00 Day 2: 7:30 - 19:00 Day 3: 13:00 - 21:00

Team requirements

For an event like OuiShare Fest Paris 2016, we had 2 area leaders plus 7 bee volunteers and other 3 butterfly volunteers.
There were 2 volunteers at the cloack room and 2 volunteers at the Welcome Desk permanently, though the first day in the morning there were 3 of them greeting attendees and handing out badges.
The volunteers were doing 3-hour shifts, so that they could have breaks.

Detailed brief

This will help people working on this area to familiarize themselves with their role. The brief should also be available as a printed version at the venue. >>See OuiShare Fest Paris 2016 Welcoming Brief as an example